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Rethink your food




No. 9 Farms is a non-certified organic, regenerative farm just 20 minutes outside of Nashville, TN.  We grow seasonal produce, berries, culinary & medicinal herbs, and edible & ornamental flowers.  Our laying hens feast on what we grow and lay beautiful eggs.  We sell to 40 of the absolute best restaurants in Nashville.

Why non-certified? The standards for what used to be organic is well, not that anymore.  Unfortunately misplaced progress and commerce has muddied the waters here (see Wendell Berry).  We believe that absolutely nothing unnatural should be in our food.  Back to its roots.

Our mission and passion is to help people understand why it is important to know where their food comes from and how it can heal their systems.  As a result we have a certified kitchen in our modern farmhouse.  We teach classes on eating and cooking seasonally, fermenting, cooking organically on a budget, preserving, cooking with allergies and other classes you will love.

If you want to know more, ask us about our story and why we do this.

No. 9 Farms is owned by educator Stephanie Oaks and musician and producer, Brian Oaks.




Upcoming Events




Come to our farm and take a class or soon they will be on line so you can learn the good stuff at home.


Dwelling @ N0.9

We have an AMAZING romantic vintage 1949 Spartan Royal Mansion trailer on the farm.  You need to stay here.



If you prefer to go the Etsy route for our goods...:

Also check out our Amazon products and readings lists!  See what we are excited about and use here at No. 9.


I can not believe what I did not know
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