No. 9 Farms

Ashland City. TN



Located in the rural community of Ashland City, TN, we are a non-certified organic, regenerative farm that focuses on seasonal produce, berries, culinary and medicinal herbs, edible flowers, and eggs.  We also have a passion for teaching and hold workshops in our commercial kitchen and on our farm.  We are non-certified because the organic standards are not what they used to be.  Some people would say that what we do is beyond-organic, really we are bringing back organic as it was meant to be.  We believe that living soil is the foundation for flavorful, nutrient dense food.  We spend a tremendous amount of time growing the soil much like a forest would do if no one messed with it.  We work with nature, not against it, using no amendments other than compost and manure.  This does make a difference.  Just ask one of the 40 restaurants we sell to.



Nashville Grown — Tennessee non-profit connecting local farmers to local restaurants.

The Marsh House — Special restaurant special relationship  We love Nathan and we love seafood (the oysters are amazing).

Edible Magazine — Fantastic food magazine that is more than just food.  Big supporter of our farm, kitchen, and Airbnb.



Originally from Seattle, WA, Brian & Stephanie Oaks have always grown their own food.  From gardens in Seattle, to edible landscaping in East Nashville, to now No. 9 Farms - a 40 acre property just 20 minutes from downtown Nashville.  Our lives are a living testament to the healing power of food.  Our family proves this.  Our children had some severe health issues and when we found this out we embarked on an almost 20-year journey to understand how food can heal.  We have a story.  A story with a happy ending.  This is why we farm and educate.



"It is unbelievably beautiful and peaceful.  Like an English garden around every turn." - Jill Melton, Edible Magazine

"Brian & Stephanie completely blew my mind. What they are bringing into our lives and community through food and inspiring education is unparalleled & we could not be more grateful to have them as a part of our Nashville family."  - Jess Benefield, Two Ten Jack

"It is unbelievably beautiful and peaceful.  Like an English garden around every turn." - Jill Melton, Edible Magazine

"No.9 Farms Creates an Oasis in the Woods." - East Nashville Farmers Market

"No.9 Farms Promotes a Healthy Lifestyle." - The Tennesean